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Just, right. Since 1996.


Office1996 was founded in 1996 by Michael P. Hüllenkremer

paul_murray In our first year, 1996 Paul Murray (ACII) from Edinburgh worked with us to help set up international networks. Our customers are still profiting from these networks. We took the British market as a working model and first set up company pension schemes [subarea of Staff Benefits]. We were one of the first consultants to advise on the basis of ISO 9001:2008.
edurne_salamanca From 1997 to 2003 Edurne Garayoa Salamanca from Spain joined our team. With her professional experience and business administration studies, she was able to open the Spanish market for us.
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Today we can offer our customers allround professional services. These services are a symbiosis of service, low administrative input and minimised costs. One facet of this is professional database models, which, if required, are also available to our customers via a client log-in process. The result is that, without having any committed assets, we can generate a profit and reinvest this to improve our business processes and open up new fields of work.