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Office1996 donates a befitting amount of its annual surplus to social or scientificor institutions such as:
This year Office1996 GmbH supports start-up companies at RWTHAACHEN.
Medlife e. V. With advice, deed and financial support this year Office1996 GmbH supports start-ups from universities in the life sciences. The aim is to bring innovative technologies to the market / for the benefit of everyone, including the Aachen region.
Education is the key to success This year, Office1996 GmbH again supports “Phaung Daw Oo Integrated Monastic Education School” in Mandalay, Myanmar. Thus, the teaching / accommodation of students should continue to be guaranteed. Because: Education is the key to success. This was how Abbot U Nayaka expressed his deep-felt thanks to Office1996 GmbH for the financial donation handed over by Michael Hüllenkremer.
S-21 In former high-school classrooms converted to tiny prison cells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge tortured people to death – see enclosed photo. Between 1975 and 1979 almost two million people – alleged agents, traitors, enemies of the people – were executed in this and in some 200 other prisons in Cambodia. Their young children were struck dead against a tree on the spot – and the world watched from the sidelines. Lest we forget, and so that this may never happen again, our donation this year goes directly to the Memorial S-21.
The children of Myanmar still need help! Driven by the dramatic insights gained in 2015 and the undertaking to continue to support the children of Myanmar in 2016, Michael Hüllenkremer, CEO Office1996 GmbH, visited again this year the convent school „Phaung Daw Oo Integrated Monastic Education School“ in Mandalay and spoke with Abbot U Nayaka, who reported: “In our institution 422 teachers (male and female) currently teach and support 9,865 children. All the children are welcome – many are orphans. Our aim is to enable these children to leave the school with a recognised qualification. The religious confession of our children plays no role at all. It all started in 1993 with 394 children and, owing to the enormous need in this sector, every donation and help is welcome, and is indeed very important for our existence. Teaching one pupil (girls and boys) in the primary school sector can be ensured for as little as 10 US $ monthly.” This was how Abbot U Nayaka expressed his deep-felt thanks to Office1996 GmbH for the financial donation handed over by Michael Hüllenkremer. This will ensure the continuation of the schooling of children in Myanmar over several years.
freunde2015 2015
Myanmar: Boycott, scepticism or a new path to the future? Children make up around 30% of Myanmar’s total population and they offer us a huge potential in playing a part in creating a stable growth in Myanmar, and with this, a peaceful coexistence. “And the prerequisite for this is education,” is how the Abbot Ngathiena explained the situation to Michael Hüllenkremer. A Buddhist monastery is the main contact point for many children in Kalaw [town in Shan State] and offers some of them a home and the chance of attending a school and receiving education. Michael Hüllenkremer finds out that the tasks attached to providing this require external financial help. Everything is in short supply: they need sanitary facilities and medical care, they need everyday things, for instance warm, clean water or beds for the children. “What we also need is teaching materials: everything from pencils to text books”, explained Abbot Ngathiena. “However, the most important thing we need is the contact to the rest of the world. Please don’t forget us and tell the people in Germany about us and our dream of a better life, in particular, a better life for our children.” With the donations in kind and a monetary donation, which Michael Hüllenkremer personally presented to the monastery, Abbot Ngathiena was delighted that at long last they would be able to set up a new classroom. Michael Hüllenkremer came to the monastery as a visitor and left as a friend. At a farewell feast he could see (see video) the happiness and gratitude in the shining eyes of the children. Abbot Ngathiena, his fellow brothers and the monastery’s schoolchildren send their heartfelt thanks to Office1996 GmbH.
friend2014 2014
Promoting spin-offs at universities “We need new impulses to promote and pave the way for spin-off projects at universities and colleges,” says Marita Schall M. A., who was a consultant for many years at the Start-up Centre of the RWTH AACHEN “And we also need financial backing,” explained Michael Hüllenkremer, CEO Office1996. This year Office1996 is supporting: Innovations – Workshop of the Year “ … Innovative business models, ingenious products and new services all have one thing in common – a good idea. Within 48 hours we, with four groups, each comprising four students, will run through a managed process to generate ideas. This process will be accompanied by exports from the Aachen Region…“ Source:, Call from 09.12.2014
Friends013 2013
Emergency pastoral care Emergency pastoral care is first aid for the soul at the scene of an accident or other traumatic event – that is how Georg Miessen explains this work. A competent team of volunteers are available 24/7 all year round. Where people are in distress the team is there to help. Events such as traffic accidents , fires, criminal activities, often involving children call for special reactions. There are no clear-cut strategies, what is needed is competence in dealing with people. The most important prerequisite is the ability to listen. “Sometimes we simply take those involved in our arms and say nothing,” said Georg Miessen who has been active in emergency pastoral care for some 40 years now.
freunde_2012 2012
Click and support. Thank you very much. With your visit here you will be supporting our Christmas campaign this year – “Children in Soweto, South Africa”. Instead of receiving a Christmas card an additional donation will be made to the “Bopanang Primary School” in Soweto, South Africa. One of the teachers at the Bopanang Primary School is Mrs. Josephine Chokoe: “We badly need money for school meals. Many of the children who have lost their parents following an AIDS infection come hungry to school. Our children also need books, paper, pens and pencils. This is the only way to combat poverty. Education is the key to a better life for all our children, also here in Soweto.” The enclosed photo shows Mrs. Chokoe and Mr. Huellenkremer on their tour of the school. Here she explained the situation in Soweto and thanked the Office1996 team for the donation on behalf of the children. The patron of this project is Mr. Lothaer Kuehnast,, Tax Consultant & Auditor. German Version
freunde_2011 2011
Children’s opera “Die Teufelsprinte” The children’s opera, “Die Teufelsprinte” was written by Guenther Kerkhoffs and under his direction the young actors in an Aachen school for children with learning difficulties learned to extend their skills and abilities with music, rhythm and acting. It was with enormous commitment, enthusiasm and fun that the children presented the opera, “Die Teufelsprinte” and they rightly received great praise and applause for their performance.
friends_2010 2010
Ways to learn from the past In cooperation with the adult education centre, VHS-Aachen and St. Ursula Grammar School, Office1996 has made a donation to support the project “Ways to learn from the past”. The pupils of St. Ursula “learn lessons from the past for today and for the future” according to the main principle of the VHS-Aachen with experienced guidance.
freunde2009 2009
Social fringe groups Sister Veronika [on the right] and Sister Maria Luise from the convent Armen-Schwestern vom heiligen Franziskus [more] explain to Michael P. Huellenkremer, CEO, Office1996 on their work with disadvantaged groups in our society. Office1996 supports this work with a donation which will go to the Franziska-Schervier-Stube, a social drop-in point. The guests here include homeless people, the unemployed, people with addiction problems or those who are simply lonely.
freunde2008 2008
Support for children Office1996 has made a donation to the ‘Friends of the St. Elisabeth Day Care Centre for Children’. Here with professional guidance the children learn to work with paper and paints, creating small works of art, souvenirs and gifts.
apis mellifera With donations in kind Office1996 is supporting the newly established apiary of RWTH Aachen University. In the temperate zones the honey bee [apis mellifera] is one of the most important flower pollinators. Almost 80 percent of all plants rely on cross-pollination, and in turn around 80 percent of these are pollinated by the honey bees. Ms. Gawlik and Mr. Poot of RWTH Aachen University, were very thankful for the support. For anyone interested in the life of bees, you’re welcome to come along and see for yourself. In the months April to September the apiary is open every Sunday from 4 p.m.
freunde2006 2006
Pupils of the Lindenschule Aachen Office1996 sponsored the costs of setting up a website for the school and training the pupils, so that they are able to give their school an up-to-date presentation in the web. Ms. B. Hoefken, Principal of the Lindenschule Aachen, thanks Office1996, Mr. R. Zgodda.
freunde2005 2005
Foerderverein Schwerkranke Kinder e. V. Not only did we make a financial donation to this association for seriously ill children, staff members of Office1996 were also blood donors in the Transfusion Medicine Department at the RWTH University Clinic in Aachen. Here with the head of department Dr. Gabriele Hutschenreuter.
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Youth And Education This year our Christmas campaign goes under the motto “Youth and Education” together with VHS Aachen. The German local press reported [please see left newspaper article].
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A “Punch & Judy” Show Across The Generations Children from a kindergarten and the residents of the associated old people’s home enjoyed an afternoon together: the start of a friendship between young and old.
freunde2002 2002
Public Library Of The City Of Aachen Cuts in the public sector – especially culture and education – have meant that even reading has come under the axe.
freunde2001 2001
Poem of peace Donation to the “Medicins sans Frontières”, a relief organisation working worldwide and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 1999.

Ambulance Vehicle
“Ambulance Vehicle” Donation to the intensive care unit of a local children’s hospital where, together with the medical staff, parents of sick, convalescent and deceased children formed an association to help families in such difficult situations – “Menschenskind e.V.”

“Bicycle For Christmas” Office1996 invited clients and friends to draw their “dream bicycle” and in return donated to a local school for speech-impeded children money for cycling lessons (practice and theory) for the children, an important contribution to road safety.

“Christmas Clowns” At Aachen Clinical Center Again, clients and friends were asked to be active and drew a “Clown for Christmas”. For every picture Office1996 donated a sum to the Children’s Cancer Ward at the local university clinic. The money was used to put on a big celebration for the children with real clowns, and as one doctor put it, “It is easier to treat children who can laugh.”

Two Teddybear Donation Per Painting This year it was a teddy bear that the clients and friends had to draw. The response was so great that boxes upon boxes of teddy bears could be donated to the association “Teddy Bears for Children in Need” (part of the Red Cross).