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The principles of an honourable businessman are the basis of the work and operations of Office1996 with the objective of advising and caring for the customer as best as possible. Non-disclosure of confidential data, data protection and competition law regulations are ensured at all times. This code of conduct is binding for all employees and associates of Office1996.

1. Clear, comprehensible insurance products
The insurance products are selected according to the individual needs and wishes of the customers and explained to them in a language they can understand – no complex insider jargon.
At Office1996 the interests of the customer have priority over commission issues. The fact that Office1996 is an independent company with no legal binds to insurance companies allows us to negotiate the right insurance coverage for the customer in the insurance market.

2. Transparency
When it comes to the price-performance ratio of the insurance contracts brokered by Office1996, customers have transparency, insofar as they have an insight into the commission fees.

3. Documentation
Documentation plays an essential part in our business. Starting with the initial consultation and up to the respective annual report, customers receive a detailed account or minutes. In addition to this, a “compass” is available to the customers; this is a report on the status quo which also includes recommendations for action and statistics. The above mentioned report is available in German and English, with no additional costs for the customer.

4. Customer service
Once a contract has been concluded, Office1996 still endeavours to serve the customer, bearing in mind his needs and wishes and providing support in the event of damages or claims.

5. Broker legitimation
Office1996 fulfils all qualifications required by legislation. The employees and associates of Office1996 have many years’ professional experience – both nationally and internationally – focussing on various sectors of the insurance business. Legal expertise round off our employee profiles.

6. Further education
Members of the Office1996 staff undergo regular further education courses – both internal and external – which are documented in the QM System of Office1996.

7. Ombudsman system
The ombudsman system initiated by the insurance industry provides the insurance client with an institution to mediate in the case of differences of opinions or to settle disputes with insurance companies.